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A standby generator eliminates the inconvenience of a power outage.  In the summer months, an installed generator can mean air conditioning continues to run and your stocked refrigerator won't spoil.  

But In the winter, an installed generator is a life saver. Heat is a must have in below zero temperatures. Water pipes can freeze and life becomes unbearable without it.  With a generator installed, you will have peace of mind while you wait for utility crews to repair lines.

Dan Oswalt has the experience and knowledge to help you select and install the right generator for your home or building.   Call or email Oswalt Electric LLC today to get a quote and schedule installation. 

Oswalt Electric, LLC​


We will work with any brand of generator our clients prefer.  However, at Oswalt Electric LLC we love and recommend GENERAC generators.  We work closely with a local GENERAC representative to give our clients the best price and service.  GENERAC generators start working within seconds of an outage and are extremely fuel efficient.

Click on the GENERAC logo to visit their website and see for yourself!

It is going to be another one of those winters.

Don't allow power outages to ruin your winter.

Install a standby generator before you need it.